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Weird problem with Finder, possibly related to graphics


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Having an issue with, I think, Finder.

Everything but my built-in audio was working fine until I rebooted last night. When I log in, the dock loads, but Finder can't seem to. It loads upp for about half a second, then quits. Loads up, and quits, etc. This also renders me unable to force quit and relaunch it. Top menu bar appears to be "flashing" in and out of existance. Menu bar meter shows CPU load constantly at 100% when I do see it between flashes. Same thing booting with -x. THe only changes to core files I've made are installing the Docker.app (for easy style-changes on the Dock) and HD3870 drivers with triakis for DVI.

Any thoughts on this? (Haven't tried -v or -s yet, but as it actually boots, I'm kinda suspecting it won't show too many anomalies either way)



Athlon 64 3200+

1,5 GB RAM

Radeon HD3870

ToH AMD on a master'd IDE




I've been unable to come to a conclusion as to what whas causing this, so I'm currently reinstalling Leo. Gonna do a step-by-step install of the different apps I had before it went foobar, to try and find out what was the cause (if it was an app). If anyone's had similar issues, please report! ^^

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