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Sub $300 Hackintosh

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Thought some of you might be interested in building a dirt cheap, but highly compatible Hackintosh, so here it is. Kalyway 10.5.1 installed without problems and it overclocks to speeds faster than all but the MacPros. I'm running EFI/Vanilla Kernel on this hardware.


Asus P5L-MX Micro Atx Motherboard $44 (Open Box at NewEgg)

Intel E2160 $70 (1.8GHz dual core, overclockable to 3.4GHz)

2GB OCZ Gold DDR2-800 $20.99 (After Rebate at ClubIT.com - Normally $45)

WD 80GB SATA $42

DVD-RW Drive IDE $27

LinkWorld Prescot mATX case with 430W PSU $23

D-LINK DFE-528TX NIC $5 (the built in Ethernet doesn't work.)

Audio Advantage Amigo USB Sound Card $29 (the built in sound only works for sound out. This usb device not only gives you sound in, but also gives optical surround output for DVD playback.)


That's $261 or $285 if you can't get the rebate (expires 1/31/08 so hurry).


I also bought a few misc. cables and doodads, including a Keyspan RF remote for FrontRow I picked up on Ebay for $9 that's normally closer to $50, I think. I also used a USB keyboard and mouse that I already had.


This system is fully working except for WiFi (Airport), but there are a couple of USB WiFi cards that are OSX compatible. I didn't have to buy a graphics card because this has the intel GMA 950 built in which is the same GFX that's in last generation iMacs and MacBooks. I did however get a couple of cool add-ons since I first built this: an ATI x1800xt and a Mac keyboard, but those weren't necessary by any means, just cool.

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nice build


mine is also a dirty cheap one but runs like hell =))



Gigabyte GA945GCMX-S2 55 EUR

Intel COre 2 Duo 4500 @ 2,2 GHZ 92 EUR

Corsair Twinx 2gb 667 36 EUR

Belkin Bluetooth usb dongle 11 EUR

7900gs video card 60 EUR


total 254 EUR


Sound and Lan working out of the box. thanks to my belkin bt dongle my wireless mighty mouse even works =)

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