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Dell D400 OSX86. 10.4.1 Patched needed?


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Hi Nooby McNoob here


I have a Dell Latitude D400 Notebook and i also have a JAs 10.4.7 dvd

I have tried to install this on the D400 but the Screen is in Superlow Res (as it seams) and greyscale, which make this basicly unreadable


I have done some Searching over the last few days and have come up with the same answer again and again. the Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Display Adaptor Is not supported on OSX86 later than 10.4.1 . I also read that some members were trying to rent a coder to finish a driver for the 82855/82852 GM/GME.


I was wondering if anyone knew whether this had been addressed in later kernels 10.4.8 onwards? or should i try and track down 10.4.1?


If you recommend swaping to back 10.4.1 is there a patched dvd for a naitive install?


Thanks very much for any help and sorry if this all sounds dumb.




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have u had any luck @ all? ive been trying to do this for a while and sorta gave up hope until i came across a blog where a guy made it boot! So ive been told that its possible with 10.4.1....is there any tutorial or anybody that can tell me what to do? (i know it involves editing the video settings, kext files, etc but can somebody give me specifics on what to do???) thanks guys!!!!

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I have managed to get the gm-855 video working for tiger 10.4.1 on my Dell D400, well in 32-bit color and 1024x768 but no QE/CI so far


I spent half of yesterday searching google and going through old posts on here and found a post from U.C. (unstable connection) which described how to get the GM-855 working in native res and color :-)


Firstly i had to get through the install in Greyscale 640x480 which was ok because i stuffed up my leopard installs so many times i can nearly install with eyes closed :D


After i installed i made the changes (read below) in terminal then i restarted and i got color but didn't get past login screen it hanged there

I restarted with -V -R -X from the darwin bootloader that got me through so i could repair permissions and refresh extensions.kextcache extensions.mkext and sudo chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions/appleintel830.kext and the other kexts mentioned in U.C.'s post

same for sudo chown -R root:wheel /system/ (and so on) then it booted through to finder unaided.


Instructions as per UC's post Link


Video Fix - run native @ 1280x800

For 855GM Intel chipsets (Dell 700m has this for integrated video), you can modify the Info.plist of the to make it work properly


AppleIntel830.kext -> Info.plist

Remove the 0x35828086 from the 830 portion

Change the 0x25828086 to 0x35828086 in the 915 portion


AppleIntel915.kext -> Info.plist

Change the 0x25828086 to 0x35828086 in the 915 portion


AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext -> Info.plist

Change the 0x25828086 to 0x35828086





chmod -R 755 /system/Library/Extensions/XXXXXX.kext

chown -R root:wheel /system/Library/Extensions/XXXXXX.kext



I also just came across this thread when i was searching for U.C. Post Link


Now i just have to figure out how to get QE/CI working , then USB, intel 2915 WLAN, and Sigmatel Audio on my old Dell D400 if anyone could send me a PM Re: these other driver issues and even post in here about QE/CI (bit of a noob still i am :D ) but learning


I hope this is some help to someone it sure was to me

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