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[Hardware]is leopard possible?

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Motherboard: M2N-E

CPU: AMD 3800+

Ram: 1g kingstion(ram doesnt matter right?)

Harddrives: Sata 350g WD + ide 80g WD

Sound Card: AC97

Net Card: Realtek 8139 PCI LAN?


gonna install TOH AMD ONLY RC2


is this possible? just asking it....

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hi niceppl,


I have a similar setup:


Motherboard: M2N-E SLI

CPU: AMD 6400+

Ram: 4GB

Harddrives: Sata 512Gb WD + Sata 312Gb ED + IDE 80Gb WD

Sound Card: CM6501 built-in, Fortissimo 3 7.1

Net Card: Belkin Wireless G PCI


I have installed successfully a version of Mac OS X Leopard (not sure which though, probably the Zeph..), similar to TOH C2 AMD though. You are gona need to install EFI too to boot into your installation once finished.


What I mainly wanna say is that the built-in network and built-in sound do not work and I cant find any drivers for these either. Also, the extra PCI cards do not work either, so unless you have a different configuration, you are not gona have the internet or audio.

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