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Kalyway gets to install. Problem with disk utility.


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So, I had problems with IATKOS. I got kalyway and it boots up with

-v -x cpus=1


Specs are:


E6600 @ 3GHz


2 x 500GB HDDs ( WD and Samsung Spinpoint )

Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium


I get to the screen and go to DISK UTILITY and then click on the partition I want to install MAC OSX on. I click on it and select MAC OSX EXTENDED JOURNALED. Then I click ERASE. Problem arises here, the bar starts loading and saying "Preparing to erase". It keeps moving for 10-15 minutes and then stops. I can't move the mouse then.

My LED Light telling me my computer is under load is still lit while it stops. But it just hangs. I have left it for over 2 hours with a 250GB HDD and then over 1 hour with a 20GB partition. They both stopped.


Should I wait longer? Anybody else had this problem?

Am I doing something wrong?



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It's funny how all the HUGE bold and PANICKY topics get the stupid attention.


I have already made 2 topics, both of them have not been blatantly "No, you cannot have OSX on your computer" so what is the problem with answering them?


The simple thing you can say is - "you need an IDE" or "it wont work on your computer".

I can't read minds, and I would seriously like some help.

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