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Is there a simple guide to loading Kext from the installer?


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Is there a simple guide on how to have a pendrive recognized while in the installer and how to go about loading the kext while in the installer?


Edit: Nevermind, found the text. So the pendrive should automatically be detected in the installer? No tricks that I need to do to make it show up?


1. Find the right .kext for your card (Ethernet or Wireless)

2. Put this .kext in a pendrive (USB)

3. Boot the Leopard Install DVD with the pendrive plugged in, open Terminal from the Utilities menu

4. Browse to /Volumes/NAME_OF_YOUR_PENDRIVE/

5. Copy the .kext that is inside your pendrive to your leopard partition typing:



cp -R /Volumes/NAME_OF_YOUR_PENDRIVE/YOUR_KEXT_NAME.kext /Volumes/YOUR_LEOPARD_PARTITION/System/Library/Extensions/



Remember to replace those NAME_OF_YOUR_PENDRIVE... to the real name, as well as the .kext name and Leopard partition name.


6. Reboot, pop out the DVD.

7. Press F8 and in the boot options type -f -v.

8.Then you should be all set, you'll be able to complete that initial setup.

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