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Mac 10.4.8 Installation Problems... Please Help


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I managed to get hold of Mac 10.4.8 JaS Intel/AMD SSE2+3 PPF1+2 and im trying to run it on VMware... so i open it up and i press enter where it loads up the commands etc

(I also get the DMA msg, i have enabled DMA however the msg still comes up)

Then i select the language (English)

Then it starts to install or prepare for install and then it freezes and the VMware virtual screen goes blue so blank and then it comes up with the crash

It then just either shuts itself down completely or comes up with an error log and asks me if i want to shut down...



By the Way i tried once and i managed to get the the install screen and it started to install however then VMware just closed the virtual mac for some reason i do not know


Why is this happening???


Help is appreciated!

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