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As my download nears completion


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I have done all the compatibility research on hardware in my profile, and am nearing the completion of JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3 download.


I have tried to find the definitive "howto" on dual booting existing debian installation with new OSx86 to be installed, currently using grub (of course). Was unable to find info on dual booting without an XP/Vista reference. I will be using only one hard-drive. The partition I plan on using now has debian (unstable) installed, and I understand that I will have to delete these partitions (/ and /home) resulting in 1 free (unused) space. By using the OSx86 disc, I format this free space using HFS. (It was, also, referred to as "mac journaled" format too) ?


My concern is my existing debian testing installation. Will grub identify my new OSx86 install upon reboot? Is F8 an option should grub not recognize the OSx86 install. My existing grub resides on MBR.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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