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P35-DS4 "You need to restart your computer..."


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I have a big problem: my hackintosh is not stable. On some events I get the message "You need to restart your computer..." and nothing works any more. By now I can reproduce this error. For example I get the message if I download something with Tomato Torrent and I view pictures from my harddrive with the preview and picture flow. After 10 seconds I get this message. Yestarday I got the error during installing Windows with VMWare. Sometimes it happens jeust so, without any special events.


What I already have tried:


1) Bios settings reseted to standard

2) Different versions of natit.kext and sond kexts

3) Edit the natit.kext to my grafic card (Device-ID, Virsion-ID)

4) Reinstalling Leopard again without any additional kexts (bad grafic, no sound)


---> No bettering whatsoever



Any ideas? Please help! That is the biggest problem I had with my system and OSx86 Leopard yet and it makes me crazy because I have no idea what the reasons could be.





my system:


Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz boxed

Gigabyte P35-DS4

4 GB DDR2 800 RAM

Zotac GeForce 7300GT

2x500GB WD HDD SATA2 16 MB Cash

IDE Samsung DVD-RW


Kalyway 10.51 +Vanilla Kernel + ACPIPlatform fix + MBR EFI

+ (before reinstalling) Natit.kext + HDA_ICH9_ALC888


Samsung SyncMaster 223BW

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I have found this information:

Kernel Panic


The reason of the error is seemingly the kernel panic. But why does my system have it? Why do I not find similar problems with the mainboard in this forum? What do you think, could it be a hardware problem? But my hardware is first one week old. How can I test it?

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