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Help - Bootcamp + VMWare Fusion + Faulty Superdrive


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Hi all,


First off, Im using a macbook 1.83 with 1gb of RAM.

But my Superdrive is faulty. Creates scratches all over. Warranty over already. Don't have that much money to fix.


I am in deep trouble. I have a lot of works that requires 3Ds Max. So I need windows. Don't ask me about PC. Im planning to buy them next month.



So the problem is here ;


I need to run windows natively on my mac. I have a faulty superdrive. It was impossible to install windows using CD, unless i want the CD to be scratched like hell.


So, is there any way to install windows and run it natively? I tried with Fusion, but when I tried to boot it natively, it gives me a BSOD. I have the iso image of windows xp pro. Can I like, use external USB DVD Drive to install via bootcamp?


I've googled all over, but to no avail.



I would really appreciate any help.







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Found the solution already.



What I did ;



My superdrive can only read the WinXP CD halfway (the blue screen - EULA - format - choose hd - copy files) part.

so i did that. After that, setup couldn't find ASMS in i386 folder.


what I did was, i copied the whole CD content into C drive in OS X (my format is NTFS so I used NTFS 3G + MacFUSE)

and did the install manually.




and im posting this using my natively installed windows xp. woohooo for me!!



now i can do my work in peace......



cheers all!

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