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Press Any Key To Boot From CD....

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I have been having trouble using keyboard under the BIOS emulation, ever since I got my 2G MBP 1 year ago.  Some of the issues where I have found this can be a problem:

  • Reinstalling Windows/Recovery Console/Upgrade Windows - "Press Any Key to Boot From CD [or DVD].." does not accept keyboard entry, therefore, it is extremely difficult to get into setup.
  • Booting Windows 2008 RC1 x64 DVD causes an odd (unfinished) boot menu, which requires that "1" be pressed.
  • Safe Mode/NTLDR
  • Oddly, the "EFI Console" that can be opened from rEFIt, never takes keyboard entry
  • Actually Booting MS-DOS (just kidding, only for a laugh! :) )

I have found that doing some random button mashing has gotten the keyboard

I was wondering if any other people were having problems with this, or if my MBP is broken, and if anyone has found a solution. I like the computer, and this is the only issue I have had any trouble with, (other than some minor battery issues - cleared the PRAM is all good.)


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