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My new Mac is born :-) but with some Problems


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Hello, so I have installed OSX on my old P4 mashine, but i have some problems left.First of all i have installed the XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Intel every thing is workin except of.

  1. Full support for my graphics cardTyp: VGA-kompatibler Controller Bus: PCI VRAM (gesamt): 128 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device-ID: 0x4e47 Versions-ID: 0x0080 Information zur Kernel-Erweiterung: Keine Kext geladen it is an ATI Fire GL X1 based on an R300 chip
  2. Sound an AC97 VIA VT8233
  3. PC-Keyboard (all PC keys) :):(:(

So I have read an searched in the forum and havent found one right way to get the thinks working without to brik up my system. So please can you give me some advice (for dummis) to get the things to work.


Fist success I get my audio working with the modyfied AC97 VIA drivers :D:D:D:D:(

Got 1 two left :D


Funny thing with my sound the sound comes from my mic in Port, how can I switch the port ???

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