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sucessful instsall on fujistu with P5GD1-fm


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3Weeks later and what feels like 2,369 installs later i have now managed to install a copy of osx86 on my pc....


First of all heres my spec..


M-Board = Asus P5GD1-fm

Pentium 4 530 Prescott/LGA775 @ 3.0Ghz with i915/ich6 chipset

onboard sound ALC Azalia 861. LAN Realtek RTL

Ati Radeon x300

1.25gig of Ram

1 x sony dvd writer & 1 x atapi dvd/cdrw

1 x Sata 160g seagate(vista ult. & ubuntu7.10) & 1 x Sata 250g hitatchi(didicated to osx86)


12gig of downloading later, my first attempt was to use Kalyway install dvd but after three weeks of un-sucsessful installs i download the iAKTOS v10.5leopard r3 on which i have used


used diskutility erasing hard isk in mc hfs+ journald set has mbr


on installing the darwin bootloader i decided not to use the efi emulation, as when i have previously tried i just get stuck at the STARTING DARWIN REBOOT ISSUE. this was the main issue with the kalyway install as there seems to be no option not to have the efi emulation.


back to the darwin boot loader -this came up with about 4lines of errors 'file not found, unable to mount.etc' its ok to quit terminal - good luck msg

so i proceeded with installation anyway.


on the customise installation screen for the install i only selected




proceeded and bobs your uncle works pretty good....


only prob i have now which i'm gonna try a few things is the wfi card - which is a belkin fd5700*** interal network card....


sound works absolutely fine, only prob i have is the graphics card - i could do with a driver which works correctly with the ati radeon x300 as sometimes when moving windows it leaves a little discoloured mark - i presuming this is because of the graphics card driver

and when logging off there is no login screen untill i hit esc key then it comes up with the login window???


also when i boot without the dvd all i get is the blinking cursor - i have flagged the drive bootable but i have to have the dvd in for it to boot the hard drive????


has anyone encountered this before - also any input on the belkin card would be much appreciated.....


i'm just glad to have got this far with it ....

gonna try an install without the remove cpu management to see if this improves any?


hope all is well guys

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