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User login freeze on AMD


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I have seen this issue in several threads here but haven't found a definitive answer anywhere, or a thread dedicated to it.


I have installed OS X Leopard onto my hard drive just fine. I had the issue with the HDD being unbootable, and found the answer to that problem. Then I had the Darwin freeze issue and started in safe mode to fix that. Then I had the login window not showing up issue, and removed the kexts to solve that. I also had to force the end of the Apple user setup through the terminal. Now, everytime I boot into OS X I get a login window and it shows the background and the dock, then shortly thereafter goes back to the login window where the spinning beach ball will sit there indefinitely. Both of the users I created before ending theuser setup are there, but neither one will get me to a useable account.


Does anyone have any real ideas on what to try to get this fixed? Since I haven't really been able to find anything definiteive, I figured this would be a good one-stop shop for the issue. :-)

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