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Possible LoginWindow Crash...

Caleb Gray

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When I boot into Leopard I'm presented with my mouse and a blank (default blue) background color. The system remains in this state for hours... no crashes... no sign of issues.. Just, no "login window."



I have installed 10.5.1 onto my Dell XPS 410, I've managed to get everything working flawlessly except for one problem: currently I am dependent on the DVD to boot all the way into the OS.


With the DVD: Boot right up into Leopard and everything works great, until... while using certain programs (Preview shows the largest sign of dependency), the system will crash if I take the DVD out of the drive OR if I leave the disk in the drive they will eventually crash (from what appears to be a lack of proper communication [too slow?] between the HDD and my DVD Drive.)


How can I fix this dependency on the DVD? As I said, everything else is flawless: bootloader works independently, NVInject 2.1 is flawless, sound is great, NIC is unsupported but I am writing a driver for it which is where this problem is causing my aggravation: while reading Apple's PDFs the computer randomly crashes when it (for some reason) attempts to access the spun-down DVD.


I'm sure that everyone with the 82566 Intel NIC Chipset will appreciate my work, and I'd love for it to be finished within the month.. But obviously with these crashes it has been made impossible.


I've looked into it as much as I could, but alas I come seeking the help from the better educated on this board.


Many thanks to the one that can help me! :blink:

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