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badaxe v1 and nvidia 6200LE

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i have a badaxe v1 (975XBX) with core 2 duo and an nvidia 6200LE that i use for a htpc running linux.


i thought i'd try to get OSX running on this thing. i'm trying to be a bit more 'legit' and use my intel macbook + retail leopard dvd to do the install onto a scratch disk.


so far, after installing from the dvd, and applying EFIv8 using the patch script (which also changed a bunch of kexts and installed a modified kernel), i can get the thing to boot up to the point where it hangs after mDNSResponder complains that it cant do anything due to no configured network interface. OSX seems to recognize the ethernet adapter but i guess because i've never gone through the installer there's no configuration for it. also i get a bunch of those display family specific matching errors.


i thought maybe my problem was that it just can't start the GUI, so i installed NVInject 0.2.1, but it still hangs in the same place.


does anyone have this particular setup working? does EFI just not work on this mobo? i've read that the 6200LE should work, and there seems to be some indication around the web that the badaxe v1 does work.


thanks for any help.

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i got it working!


for anyone going down my route, here's the scoop. to do the leopard install, i had mounted my leopard drive on my macbook using a usb-sata adapter.


it turns out that when you mount a mac disk this way, the permissions are all messed up. so even though i was doing the chown and chmods on the kexts i was installing, they were not 'taking' because of the way the disk was mounted on the macbook.


so in the end NVInject does work fine. i cant tell if that was the only thing holding me up, because all the kexts installed by the EFIv8 patch script probably had the wrong permissions and modes as well.


to fix this, i booted the hackintosh in single user mode, then remounted the root partition as read/write, and then went into /System/Library/Extensions and did chown -R root:wheel * and chmod -R 755 *, then rebooted again.


also, for whatever reason, unless i booted the first time with -v -f, it would die right away saying it couldnt find platform support for ACPI. hopefully now that its come all the way up, the boot caches are correct and i wont have to do that anymore.

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