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The flicker - Beliyaal how can i fix?


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Here are my current findings about this strange flicker problem.


It is definitely is related to the "Automatically control screen backlight / keyboard backlight."


To reproduce the problem, you must have:

- Screen Backlight Min to 0

- Screen Sensor Min to 0

- The rest has to be set to 100


Other settings will let you reproduce, but having these settings will actually show you a much more noticable result when it flickers...


It will actually turn off the backlight for about 300ms? and you will also see the keyboard light up for that duration. Furthermore, if you have the Mac Book Settings open, you'll be able to see your Light Sesor Left and Right hit 0 and come back up


Strange indeed, and i'm sure it does have something to do with apples poorly written System Management Controller driver for XP. I also wonder if this is the reason for failure to playback videos and 3D application acceleration after coming back from hibernation under bootcamp...


hope you get to reproduce it Beliyaal...


Thanks again for this awesome app...

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