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775dual-vsta audio driver help


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Hi i have just installed lepard on to my old computer:


asrock 775dual-vsta

1gig ram

geforce 6600gt (agp)

intell pentium D 820 dual core

40gig hdd ide


when i first installed using Kalyway 10.5.1, my computer would keep rebooting in an endless cycle. After reading for a while i tried installing without the vanilla kernel, which has been working perfectly so far, however, the sound does not work. I didn't know what driver to install when installing lepard so i picked a random one which is probably the reason why. I was wondering if there are audio drivers i can install to get the sound working. This is my first real time using a mac so a detailed explination would be nice :) .


Also i just found out while writing this that my hackintosh likes to shutdown after idleing for a while. Any help with this would be nice as well.

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