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Atheros Wireless problem


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I reckon ya'll will know a relatively easy solution to this.


So I've finally set up my hackint0sh after ordering a SATA DVD ROM, resetting my BIOS numerous times and wiping out my drive. At last a stable dual boot hard drive with Vista and OS X. I've got other problems with IDE DVD drives and hard drives not showing up but I really don't care about those as long as I can get my wireless working. I've read on other threads that the Dynex Wireless G card works (model DX-WGDTC) but have had no luck with mine (and here I thought I was lucky to have had it lying around).


I've searched through the forums but the search feature isn't the best and gives me all sorts of wacky results that aren't much help. Any help would be much appreciated!


My error:

from terminal I ran this sudo kextload -t AirPortAtheros.kext and got this:


Missing dependencies:


"com.apple.iokit.IO80211Family" =

"No valid version of this dependency can be found"




Anyway I can resolve this and get my wireless card to work?


My specs:

Intel Q6700


SATA Seagate 300 GB HD

Kalyway 10.5.1 Install





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