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Hi, I have couple questions about iATKOS_v1.0ir2 release of Mac OS X86 Leopard. My primary machine has Jmicron SATA/IDE-controller and I googled that this will cause huge problems atleast at the installation process, which it definently did since I cannot even boot from the DVD. That machine is Core 2 Duo based with Abit AB9 PRO board.


Question 1: Is it even possible to use another machine which can boot from the dvd to install Mac OS X86 Leo and just select all kext and patches for the other machine? My secondary machine is AMD64-based so I guess that may bring some troubles?


Question 2: I tried to install Leopard with the method I described, it goes fine until it seems to stop to line "Jettisoning kernel linker", in the normal mode (Apple logo on screen= the loader wheel spins indicating that something atleast should happen?

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