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Admin name and Password no longer work


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My admin name and passwords were fine, now they are is if the system never knew them.

i can no longer install any apps because doing that requires puttinig in the password, to which leopards responds, "invalid password"

noticed this after tring to install the AppleSMBIOS.kext , which BTW....didnt work, gave me a pretty blue screen anfter loading the os and never went to desktop. installed the KEXT to try to get around the CS3 crashing problem.


so anyway after this mess of the kext screwing up things, i had to re-install OS from the DVD, after the install, i got my old OS back, all the previously installed apps there just like i left them, OK so i guess it dosent wipe out the drive unless you tell it to, cool. but again ...now i can install an app because it says i am no putting in the right password or not the right admin name. I went to system pref's and changed my name and pasword, it let me change it, but still wont recognize it when i go to install anything.


any help here would be appreciated.


iATKOS 10.5.1

Asus p5b-plus

e6750 2gigs ram

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