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New at this and need some help


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I have several questions

here are my specs

AMD Athlos 64 X2 dual core +4400

nvidia geForce 7300LE

1 GB of RAM (2x512 PC 5400)


chipset is

nVidia GeForce 6150



First of all, which image should I download and which will need the least amount work, I do have a licenses because I bought a family pack for my other two iBooks

I have several SATA and ATA hard drives laying around, os which one shoudl I use, ATA or SATA?

I have Vista on one of my hard drives and XP on another and I boot to them using BIOS since they are on seperate HDD< so will I be able to do that will Leopard

Will my any of my specs cause problems excluding the processor?

Thank You for your time and help :P

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