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Hi all; I've checked the compatibility list, and luckily enough, all of my hardware is up to snuff for Leopard. However, the build of OSx86 I ended up downloading is a bit odd, and I'm having some trouble; a man with an eyepatch gave it to me, and his instructions weren't very clear.


My build is as follows:

Intel E8400 45nm 3.0ghz overclocked to 3.7ghz

eVGA 8800GT with some minor overclocks


Western Digital 320GB SATA HD (vista), Maxtor 200GB PATA HD (OS X)

Vista Home Premium

Case: Antec 900 w/ HD Audio (is it compatible? Because it's outstanding.)

Keyboards: One USB keyboard, one Dinovo edge, and one PS2 keyboard.

Mice: One MX620, one MX Revolution

Other accessories: Logitech HD Webcam


I know torrent links are taboo, but you'll probably know what I'm talking about if I post the instructions given with it.


here's how to install osx 10.5 leopard 9a581 in your intel/amd sse3 machine without the use of a single DVD!

you need at least 20 GB free space on a ntfs partition and an entire disk to spare. it's all patched with the BrazilMAC patch.

1. grab the torrent.
2. extract leopard-x86.rar to the folder
3. open compmgmt.msc and select Disk Management
4. remember what disk (Disk 0, Disk 1 etc) you want to install to
5. remove any existing partitions on that disk by right clicking and selecting 'Delete Volume' and 'Delete Partition'
6. copy the .bat file for the selected disk to the folder

WARNING!! selecting the wrong file may result in a wiped disk!!

7. execute the .bat file and wait..
8. reboot into the created disk [by pressing Esc, F12 or whatever your mainbord wants] and boot into a fresh osX 10.5 install, you can now
select your login info, location and so on.
9. if you wanna dualboot from vista, download EasyBCD...
10. if you're having trouble to boot into os x ,press F8 when booting and type -v at the boot screen to see whats wrong and then consult some osx86 forum.

this install disk was bade by the help of the tutorial at

it's reported to work great on Asus P5W DH Deluxe, Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 and works ok on my Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4


My main problem: many comments claim no compatability with vista as your current OS, which makes absolutely no sense. Should I just unplug my main HD when I boot from Leopard for the first time, or am I screwed?


Thanks in advance, and I will update this thread with my progress (right now I'm installing XP on my second drive to see if that'll work.... Not sure if it will.)


Edit 1: I found a 40GB IDE drive that I'm slaving to the 200GB I'm putting XP on. 40GB should be enough for OS X for now, as I'm only using it for garageband.... More updates coming as I try to install.


One other problem: My p5k-e apparently isn't fully compatable without some snippet of code. Where and how do I enter this code?

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