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Urgent help needed (iatkos)


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Hi guys.


I was running kalyway 10.5.1 but i had the dreaded network drop issues.


Since then I have moved to iatkos 10.5.1


But unfortunately my graphics is locket at 1024x768 and i have no quartz extreme.


I have tried using nvinstaller i have tried using titan kexts.


But nothing seems to work..



Can anyone give me advice.



(Gigabyte VM800PMC (via chipset), Leadtek 6600GT AGP 128mb, E2140)



P.S I was getting quartz @ 1280x1024 in kalyway out of the box.

(also i am running the SSE2 and SSE3 kernal as my mobo doesnt support vanilla)


Here is an image of what im getting in System Profiler: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/3325/picture1ai6.png



(oh and for everyone running kalyway and getting the network drop issue move to iatkos as that fixes it)

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well it cant be to do with my last post as it says the same thing on my tiger partition and everything works there



Any more ideas.


I feel I have tried almost every nvidia installer and kext and nothing seems to work

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