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iATKOS just doesn't boot


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ok after you partition the drive of after install unmont your os partition and run these commands in termminal


fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (enter) replace 0 with your drive number, unless it is 0


update (enter)


f 1 (enter) replace 1 with the patition leopard is being installed or already installed on, if its not 1


w (enter)


q ( enter)


Remember this only works for mbr, and it will set the drive active and bootable


Ok in addidition to install the efi boot ,if you have rc 1 ,just add 1 to your hd number so if its rdisk0s1 assume its rdisk1s1 and if its rdisk2s2 assume its rdisk3s2 for the efi boot loader install.

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Well, this other method worked for me on my iATKOS:

Download Hirens boot cd version 9.3, aprox. 80 MB (extraordinary repair and recue tool) burn the iso on cd, boot it from cd.

1- Go to page 2 (#9 next enter)

2- Select MBR tools (Master boot record tools)

3- Select #7 (partition doctor)

4- On operations click on "Repair MBR"

5- Restart and take out the disc

6- Congratulations, there is your Darwin bootloader

This is thanks to MilesR from Uphuck forum

Link of Hirens boot cd:


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