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Asus P5KR, How do i get sound working?

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Hi, I must admit i'm pretty noob about this, so this is the hardware i use:

P5KR Asus mobo (with ICH9R chipset, and ALC883 onboard sound)

Q6600 at 3.2gHz 1600 Mhz fsb

4Gb Ram at 800 fsb (displayed as 667mhz in system profiler)

8800Gt working like a charm with latest 10.5.2 kext + NVinject (diden't try Natit yet)


Successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.1, with vanilla kernel, basicaly everything works except onboard Sound.

So, that's why i'm asking for some help here, i've tried with Azalia drivers and different settings, but still no go ;)

The problem is, i erased my Windows partition (planning a Leopard/Linux dual boot), so i don't know how to check Vendor ID of the ALC883 chip on that mobo...


Could anyone with a working onboard sound on P5KR mobo help me out on that one?


**edit: in the meanwhile, i've seen the "AppleHDA patcher" thread, so i'm gonna try to boot on linux and do that codec dump myself (since there's none for p5kr listed on that thread).


***edit: ok, IT WORKS :D (i just kept on looking in the system profiler and there was no built-in audio device listed, and I diden't actually try to play a sound file..)

Using: AppleHDAPatcherv1.20, and the codec file i generated.

I noticed the the codec file i generated is the same as the P5KC one listed in the patcher thread (but i'll attach it anyway)


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how do u generate a codec file, i have the same p5kr motherboard and i have everything working except for the audio, y have installed iatkos v5i with leopard 10.5.5 and updated by the web and it automatically fixed some issues i had with my optical drive and my other hard drives but sound still dont work.... please help me... i need audio.... jejeje

thanks and i know im a real noob...



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