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please help! error -35: specified volume not found


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I installed my hackintosh a few weeks ago. i used my old windows box.

Its an intel e6600 on an asus p5b board. i have 3 physical disks in use, 2 of them ntfs formatted and partitioned, one hfs formatted and partitioned into a system disk and a file dump. my firewire doesnt seem to work (although i havent needed it, so i didnt test also). for sound i am using an RME hammerfall/multiface, i mainly use my machine as a DAW, i make music in Logic.


everything seems to run pretty smoothly, i get some minor glitches here and there (i am still looking for a good guide on how to fine tune bios and osx system settings to get rid of those..) but overall i am (was) quite happy with my machine.


There is only one big and very annoying problem: i get the following error message on odd times, usually when loading audio files from one of my disk (be it ntfs or hfs disks) onto logic. I also encountered the error while trying to copy files to an external disk.

error code -35 - specified volume not found

i know this is a pretty broad error, and since everything else seems to run pretty smoothly, i have no clue where to look. i did some reading here and there, but nothing seems to really help (most topics i read are about ownership/permission, but as far as i can see there is nothing wrong with those.)


please, if anyone can give me some hints i would be very thankful.

i will keep you posted on any news..



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