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Back to my mac not working


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First off here is my setup


Acer 3680 running iAtkos, no vanilla EFI. Using railnk USB wireless adapter to connect to the Net since acer built in card does not cooperate with any OSX86 distro. In fact I have a real mini-pci apple airport card out of a mac mini in the slot, and still no go. but thats another story.



I also have a G5 Quad that stays at home. Since I am a .mac subscriber I would like to take advantage of back to my mac and screen sharing from outside my network. From with in my network I can screen share and SSH into the G5, and vice versa. However, my G5 does not show up in the shared section of finder from the hackintosh, but the hackintosh is in the shared section of the G5's finder. I have file sharing, remote login, and screen sharing activated on both machines. My .mac credentials are correct on both machines and back to my mac is started on both machines. I can sync .mac between the machines without any hassle. So I suppose the back to my mac data was stripped from iAtkos to slim it down? Any ideas on what files to pull of my retail leopard to get this going, or any other fix?

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