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I need help with battery, wireless and graphics card on T41p

Gupta King

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I have a IBM T41p laptop, and evrything works fine with 10.4.6 (i used the goatsecx DVD)


but the battery doesnt show, i cant find the fix although i know it exists, and the sleep mode doesnt wrk at all, it just complains about USBs using too much power, i read a bit but all i know is recovering from sleep is hard to do too, can anyone please help me?


I also need someone to kindly post the IO80211family.kext from their 10.4.5 or please help me find another patch for this driver (Intel Pro 2100...)


Lastly, can someone help me with the ATI graphics card? I know Callisto hack should work, but im a noob and dont even know what that means, i know my res is 1400x1050 on windows so can i make it like that on OS x86? and my screensavers dont work too well


Please help me,

thanks in advance,

Much Appreciated,


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