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A Few questions about my sub-par laptop and leopard


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So, i recently purchased a new toshiba satellite a135 laptop on the cheap. The specs on it are anything but spectacular as it has a intel celeron M processor at a blazing 1.8 ghz with 512mb of ram and a 80gb hdd. I recently read about the methods described on how to install leopard on a windows pc and am wondering if my laptop would be able to handle it as it seems a lil sluggish already running windows vista basic. I am also not sure what type of motherboard i do have but i do know that it has the Intel 945 chipset, but honestly I am not really sure what that means/is.


Thanks for the help,


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New info: I just ran CPUID and got a lot of new info, but im not entirely sure what some of it means, so ill just post it all.

Processor: Intel Celeron M 530

Instructions: MMX, SSE, SSE2,SSSE3,EM64T

Core speed: 1.73ghz

Multipier: x 13.0

Bus; 133 mhz

Rated FSB ; 532.0 mhz

Motherboard: Toshiba IAKAA

Chipset; Intel i943/940 GML

Southbridge; Intel 82801ghm

Bios: Toshiba v. 1.6

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