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ATI 2600XT & Kalyway problem


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ok, to make short; my components are:


Intel E2160

Asus P5LD2 SE

1gb ddr2



Sapphire ATI 2600XT 256mb ddr3


the problem is this, after succesfully installing Leopard that took me approximately two weeks :D (old bios was making problems),

now after a clean install i can get into OsX using only "-X" command.. because when i try to login normal way, ma picture becomes fuzzy, dots/squares, and stuff...

so i was searching for a solution on forum, and founr that i need to go into safe mode (-x) and install driver package (radeon_hd_2600_2900.pkg) and then it should work...


well... not completely...


i do that, and when i restart, grey screen with an apple shows, everything is loading up, but then my LCD goes into standby... and that's it..


even if i want to go into safe mode again, i get the same thing... LCD goes into standby...


ma graphic card has 2 x DVI outputs...


any ideas, im going crazy...


P.S. can anybody tell me where to find drievrs for Realtek 8139 network card? also, drivers for AD1986 soundcard (onboard soundcard), i found some 0.4b fix, but it doesnt want to install...


i would really apprecaite all the help, i havent founf the solution searching, so i had to ask like this.


if i missed out some of the needed information, i will be more then happy to provide it. :(

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