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Its all going so horribly wrong


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So i've got my panties in a TWIST yet again :(


I knew i hated PCs for a reason


Right at lunchtime i had the following


a toshiba laptop running XP on one partition, 10.4.8 on the other (until i wiped it yesterday anyway)

with the darwin boot loader left over from the 10.4.8 installation


Update to 10.5.1 with the Kalyway DVD


install the vanilla kernal and then WHERE IT SAID bootloader i left guid checked and MBR unchecked


installed, restarted. HFS+ error


So i bang in my Super GrUB CD try and restore the windows MBR with it, (it reckons it does it, but doesn't)

So i use the Super GrUB CD to purely boot into XP which it will do


So where do i go next? I need some sort of working bootloader on this machine.


Do i reinstall kaly with MBR bootloader? (will that now screw itself up because i've already put guid in there)


The main issue is i don't have an XP Pro CD to allow me to reset the MBR using fdisk, although whether that would be wise or not i don't know!


Suggestions of all kinds are appreciated!

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your probably gonna want to use MBR partition scheme. I Assume that is what ur tiger used and you probably still had your partition formatted as MBR.. and then chose GUID.. which isnt gonna work. Your partition needs to be Formatted as GUID then you pick the GUID option. Your partitions are MBR by default and it is what windows uses so you will have an easier time Dual booting.

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