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fully working leopard install PS2 etc


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hello all

first let me say that i am a complete noob and i am sorry if i say/do the obvious

i wud also like to thank the persons who made the drivers and discs i used - Zephyroth, Diabolik,MikeIns (hope i remembered that correctly....sorry if i dont)


Discs used: Tiger 10.4.6

Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD

Ubuntu 7.04 Live


System : AMD 64X2 4600+ , 1.5GB Titan ram 533Mhz, Gigabyte GA-M55SLI4 rev 2.0 mobo, ATI Radeon x1300 Pro, 250Gb Maxtor and 250Gb Seagate SATA harddrives, LiteOn 18x DVDRW, 16xDVDROM, 19' Acer Wide LCD


Other - MacDrive 7, XP installed (for the other noobs! "Before you can run, you must walk!")



Process: Boot from Tiger first and install this. The PS2 drivers work and you can use them.

After install, you may need to adjust the flags if you get the 'b0' error.

I used the Gparted program from Ubuntu to flag the partition as 'boot' (tried to do it in terminal and i think i made an error. Gparted was simpler)

Boot into Tiger and install MikeIn's driver (Marvell 88E11116) OR OTHER WORKING ONE to get your ethernet up.

Remove the GeForce.kext (if you have an ATI card) file and restart the system from the Leopard dvd

Install Leopard over Tiger

That should take about 40 mins, depending on your system specs

Should the system stick at "about 1 min remaining" wait about 10 mins and then manually restart.

Leopard should start up and you should have full use of PS2 and your ethernet should be up. Now to keep it up - Delete the forcedeth-d kext as this conflicts with the old driver (THIS MUST BE DONE ON FIRST SYSTEM BOOT)


IF YOU ARE LIKE ME THOUGH AND COULDN'T DELETE THE FILES FROM RUNNING -S at the system boot, use macdrive. explore the leopard install extensions folder and delete the files there. THOSE ONLY.


On the next system boot, your ethernet and PS2 should work.


For the ATI card, i used Diabolik's Natit_ATIAuto.KEXT

installed perfectly and on system reboot it set the monitor to 1440x900 automatically.

Hope this can help anyone....

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