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Blue screen upon booting install DVD.


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Im trying to install Leopard on my Custom Xbox build (see sig)


It Has:

Chipsets: Intel 945gm and ICH7-M

Intel Core Duo 1.66ghz (yonah)

1gb of ram

150gb Seagate Sata Drive (2.5" Form factor)

Intel GMA 950


My issue is: I boot up the Kalyway 10.5.1 Install dvd and it boots past the spinning gear screen relatively fast (faster than on my 2 Hackintosh builds) then when it usually would go to the blue screen with the spinning mouse wheel.. it just goes to that same blue screen without that rainbow wheel.. and stays there forever (well longer than 20minutes.. and im not waiting longer than that)


I have Tried booting it with an IDE dvd drive.. and also a Sata DVD drive (same one i used for Hackintosh 1 in my sig) but i get to the same screen and it hangs there.


Edit: IDK if it is important but in -v it is showing various lines saying something along the lines of "com.apple.SystemStart" and "directory not found" etc.


I am currently booting it up with cpus=1 and -v but in the mean time, does anybody know what maybe wrong? thanks


Edit2: CPus=1 didnt do anything. Im pretty sure this is fairly compatible hardware. Anybody know whatsup?

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Also, I finished trying just about every Sata/IDE configuration i could find. I might just have to give up on this board using this install method (although other ways may work)

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