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Sound Wireless and Graphics on Gateway 3422/Tiger

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I successfully installed the JaS 10.4.8 AMD version on my Gateway 3422 laptop so that it dual boots with XP.

I am able to run OS X but without sound, wireless and stuck at 1024x768 resolution.


I am a n00b and would appreciate any help regarding getting the following working

sound driver: Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio with Sigmatel Audio codec


Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100


wireless:Realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless LAN Network Adapter


I have tried the Realtek 8185 driver for mac from the Realtek website. It installs fine, but the WLAN utility hangs on startup.


I have not tested yet for wired internet.Is it possible to install MS Office for mac, Toast Titanium and other OSX programs on this setup?


Also, if I decided to reinstall XP on its partition, would it upset the system and disrupt the dual booting, etc?


EDIT: Wired internet does not work either. Also, there is this strange issue where, if i do not have something plugged into a USB port on the computer (like a USB wireless card, or an external USB hard disk) the mouse and keyboard are not recognized on startup and do not work.Any help is appreciated

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Got a USB wireless stick from Trendnet with the RTL8187B chipset, and got internet set up using realtek's rtl8187B mac os driver.


Have tried to get video going with Titan/Natit and NVinject, but no success. I have read a lot about a certain nvidiaefi driver but cannot find a working download link for it.


Used AppleHDApatcher with the linux sound card dump for my card (Sigmatel STAC9200) using ubuntu, but even after successful patching, there is no sound.

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Sound is still an issue. I can see so many other success stories with Sigmatel 9200 that i am almost convinced it is something simple that I am getting wrong.


Managed to fix the resolution issue by following the "Andy Karpov" method from this thread




It is now running at 1280 x 800.


The forcedeth method for the nForce 430 card doesnt give any errors, but my wired (ethernet) internet card is still not working.



Also, if anyone can advice me on a compatible PCI wireless card that is compatible with this laptop and Tiger, I would greatly appreciate that.


And any insight is welcome on the USB problem, wherer the laptop trackpad and keyboard do not function until something is connected to the USB ports.

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