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OSx86 Leopard DVD!


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Hello everyone. First of all let me introduce myself to you. My name's Emy and im an avid PC fan since 1998 (im 19yo though :D, and since i've read on the Internet about this OSx86 project, i was gonna try it but since i cannot download the torrent of the DVD, i wanted to know if someone here is kind enough to send me a copy of this OSx86 DVD (for trying purposes only!). If i could download it i wouldnt ask it here right now, but since ive got a crappy 56k connection only, its kinda disturbing to me to download such a big 4.7GB image file. Let me also tell you that i've got ORIGINAL Leopard at home, but i could not install it on my Sony VAIO FZ11Z as Mac doesnt read it. Anyway, if someone is kind enough to do me this favor, plz contact me directly at this adress:




Thank you! Emy

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