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Duplicate C:\programme folders after Vista install on bootcamp


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I've just invested in a MacBook Pro 17", OS X 10.5.1, Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 7.200rpm for use with Logic Studio and Pro Tools. Happy chappy.


A year ago I had a brain relapse and shelled out an abusive amount of cash on a Vista Home Premium upgrade (32bits) to install in a Presario 2500. Dumb really, the Presario was just about limping along with 512Mb RAM (now relegated to external HD).


Yesterday I had another attack, and when I regained consciousness, I found that I had implemented bootcamp and dedicated 32GB to XPSP2 (slipstreamed). Upgrade licence keys are blocked for clean installs, so I followed Paul Thurrock's "get around it" idiot guide on how to clean install Vista using upgrade media, super-glue and some sticky-back plastic: linked here. This required first installing vista as a trial (no licence key), and then installing it again from within Vista itself (plus licence key).


Result: It works. Just great. Couldn't be happier... "Yippee" ...It's just that... I now have two C:\Programme Folders! Just in case I lose the other one?!? Nah...Don't think so. ... Help? Please? *Cough* Pretty please? :)

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