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Latitude D630/D830 Complete Guide Needed


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Hello Everyone,

Through research on this site, i have found the following things:

You can install iAtkos on the D630/D830, and it will boot and install successfully. When you use Disk Utility set the partition you are installing it on as the MBR. Once it is installed, boot up with Gparted, and add to the partition the "boot flag"


With the Intel X3100, if you have trouble with the cd, and the screen goes off after you boot, close the screen, wait 5 minutes exactly with out the powercord plugged in, open the screen and press a key and the screen should work. Once OSX is installed, connect it to an external screen and set a corner on your screen to sleep your computer while disableing sleep in energy saver. once this is done, when you boot up your computer put your mouse in that corner and the screen should work. i have heard this as successful from others but it did not work very well for me.


Use the truemobile 1450 or 1390, i'm using the 1390 and it works perfect.


As for the nvidia drivers, im not sure how they got them to work, but they apperently work 100%...


For audio, im not sure which sigmatel it is...it might be the 9205, but they have had success with it.


For the battery meter it works somehow but im not sure what to do


Anything else, i have no idea about....

if you guys post the files and how-to, i will add it to this.




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