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Success! iATKOS installed perfect! Blinking Cursor Fixed


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I installed the iATKOS DVD and was loving it untill I restarted. Then blinking cursor. A commom problem but the most commom solution was the GParted CD but no version would work on my pc. Kernal Panic! So I finally got the Kiren's Boot CD and after I used partition table doctor and that didn't work I used every utility one at a time untill I got it to boot without the dvd in the ROM. Everything works great but I still can't set up my Apogee Enemble soundcard for standalone mode yet. It does use the inputs and outputs great though.


BTW. I couldn't get it to install with original kext. I did the EFI emulation but the kext would cause restart.


HP Pavilion a6113w

Pentium E2140 dual core 1.66 GHz

2 gb ram DDR 5300

400 gb sata

Asus P5LP-LE Leonite2

Intel 945G chipset

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