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Darvin Bootloader doesn't work

Don Bene

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Hi there,..

its me, again!


I want to instal Mac OS X again, because few days ago, I forgot to install the drivers and so on. I want instal it again and now I have to configure the darvin Bootloader.


I use the DVD-Version "iAktos v1.0".


At first I have to enter the number of the HDD. I only own one, so it enter number "1" after I confirm to go on. After this the number of my partition follows. In the Hard Disc Utility my "MAC"-partition is Number "6". So I enter Number "6" in the terminal. Nothing happend. But the next step follows. Darvin asked me to install EFI. I return with Y for yes. My problem: The system doesnt want to unmount the HDD.






Are you sure? [y/n]



"hdiutil: unmount: "/dev/disk0s" failed to unmount due to error 2.

hdiutil: unmount failed - No such file or directory

startupfiletool: opendev(/dev/rdisk0s): No such file or directory

dd: /dev/rdisk0s: Operation not supported

hdiutil: mountvol failed - No such file or directory"


Information: If I want to tip the number "6" for my partition, the terminal didnt write down anything..


Is there anybody, who can help me? Thank you :)

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