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Partition configuration and VMWare/Parallel 'boot camp' support

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Ok, so I have an hp dv6000t laptop running 4 OS's:


partition 1 (primary) vista

partition 2 (primary) xp

partition 3 (primary) shared drive

partition 4 (extended)

partition 5 (within extended; logical) leopard

partition 6 (within extended; logical) ubuntu

partition 7 (within extended; logical) linux swap


I use efi v8 to access my leopard partition, no problems so far. I used EasyBCD to config. the Vista bootloader to choose btwn the four OS's


Okay, so I've been trying both VMware and Parallels, to boot the Vista and/or XP partition.


Now strang thing is, I am able to load up the Vista bootloader, but when I try to select Vista or XP (options that would work fine, if I had booted under native conditions into Vista bootloader), I get:


-winload not found for vista

-ntldr not found for xp

-some weird mac loader (EasyBCD component) not loading if i try booting leopard

-similarly for ubuntu


but if i boot into my computer natively and into the vista bootloader, i can access all four OS's fine, what the *$. Does the emulation/virtualiztion process "cut off" the VMware/Parallel bios from the four partitions?


PS: I notice that all the above drives were currently mounted in OS X. But even unmounting them don't seem to do anything.


PPS: ok, the weird thing is now I was able to get some results with parallel, but it only allowed me to boot into vista (which runs hell-a-slow, with my 1gb ram). But when I try XP, I get black screen and error:




I tried to google the above error, nothing came up (something about a broken hd came out, so I'm assuming the virtaulized bios can't access the hard disk partition...wt*#$#$


thanks for reading ma long story. If anyone understood that or has suggestions, pleas le tme know :wacko:

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