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How I fix that won't start unless disk is in drive

Kane Adams

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I have been trying to install leopard all day with no luck( see my question in the leopard forum)so I just installed Tiger.

Well both my disk i have for installing in to the Intel system left me with no network or sound :P

So for the heck of it I stuck the uphuck for AMD and dang if it didn't install and after the install i had sound and network working.

But i had the no boot unless you leave the disk in. I look around to see how to fix it but man that was a lot of command line work to get it to work.

So what i did was booted with the 98 windows boot disk.

You don't need cdrom support so just pick boot with out it and when it gets done you will be in dos with the A: promt.

Just type

fdisk /fixmbr

and let it do it's thing and when it gets done it will be in the A: promt again.

just take the disk out and reboot into your OS X :)

Hope that helps and should work with leopard too.

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