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I Cant get to the Installation...Someone Help!


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Well here is my setup


Toshiba Satellite EDW10

INTEL Pentium 4 (SSE2 and SSE3 Compatible)

ATI Mobility RADEON 9000 IGP


If you need anymore information please ask


Ok.. The problem is after i boot the disk I press enter and a bunch of white writing come across the screen and then it stops and at the bottom it says "Still waiting for root device" and after awhile the the text will repeat.


Please all help is apreciated I'm quite the n00b at this stuff.




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According to the Linux guys your laptop has "problems" as to how ACPI was implemented.



A "normal" install on a ATI chipset unit goes like this:



If you read through the topic you will see that I have one that won't go (an ASUS board with the same chipset) and a solution that may, or may not work for me (I'm on a plane outta here tomorrow, so I will get to it when I get back).


There are simply some that are not good candidates for this.

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