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Installing Leopard from Kalyway


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1 : - What options (regarding EFI \ kernels) should one pick on the Kalyway DVD for an Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 and an intel 965 based motherboard (it has HPET on, NX on)?

with your proc, you can use vanillia kernel (original, so) , with EFI. You can also use hacked kernel; both may work

2 : - My bios has no option for setting the disks as Native IDE \ AHCI \ RAID, and the DVD-RW is IDE, will it be a problem? Also how can I check if the HD is on Native IDE or AHCI?

About BIOS , ATA/SATA in AHCI is not everytime necessary. About your DVD drive, you have to try and look in your system profiler if it is supported ( some of us has to use an external USB dvd drive for installation ). To check your spec, it's on your BIOS

3 : - Also, when partitioning the HD thru Leopard Install DVD's Disk Utility, when resizing or erasing stuff it gives me an error (something about the device not being ready or similar, sorry I can't be more precise, but I'm not near the laptop atm). But If i Insist, it'll eventually accept it. What can be forcing it?

It can be because of conflict with your connectors. you must try to prepare your partition first with a live cd as Gparted.

Hope this help

Sorry for my english

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