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AMD Leopard on dv8000

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Hey, I'm trying to install Zepyroths AMD Leopard on my HP Pavilion dv8210us and i get stuck on this screen when using VMware (if i'm lucky):


I can't get a pic up so I'll describe it ;) :

it is the leopard wallpaper with the beachball circling around on it (idk if this helps, but sometimes the ball disapears and i have to move the mouse to get it back)


Other times, I get a grey screen with the mouse and nothing.


And other times that grey screen gets a message on it about some installer log and how there were too many errors.


And when I decide to boot from the disk instead of try with VMware, it says "Loading Darwin" and the - \ | / - thing and then it goes rite back to the "Press any button to install..." screen.


No matter what, I never get to the first install screen. Please Help! :lol:

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