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Help! Want to load Mac OS X 10.4.10 on HP Pavilion a1720n


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Anyone -


I am new to the forum and trying to load Mac OS X onto my PC. I have a new Seagate 500 GB Sata HD. It has absolutely nothing on it. I bought it for back up purposes but now I want to dual boot.


I tried to follow the directions Devil supplied. However, I hit a snag when I try to format the disk via diskpart. I do all the steps: list disk, select disk 1, list partition, select partition 1, create partition primary size=350000 id-af. After typying the last command, I get a window that displays asking me to format my disk. Well, it's for Windows and will only format in NTFS format. So I can't get my new HD formatted correctly to install Mac OS X. I also downloaded GParted and had no success with that.


Any thoughts? I really want to get back to using Mac OS X until I can afford a real Mac. But that won't be for some time. I am attaching pictures of what I've done and the results. Thank you in advance for any replies or assistance I may get.






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