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Onboard Ethernet problems on intel D945GNTLKR board


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Dear all,


I just installed Leopard on my intel D945GNTLKR board using the iATKOS DVD.

So far things seem to work fine except for the built in ethernet. I previously had played around with BrazilMac's method of installing 10.5.

and had the same problems there.


It seems that my installation recognizes that the card is there. Anyway, in System Profiler under Network -> Locations -> "Built in Ethernet" it shows up with MAC address and everything. However, when I go to System Preferences -> Network -> Ethernet I see the message "A network cable is not plugged in". I can select manual configuration and put in IP addresses and netmasks, but that doesn't make a difference. The network cable is of course plugged in and connected to a powered ethernet device (a printer in my case). I also tried a different cable, just to make sure. When I boot into my old 10.4.5 installation (from myzar DVD) the problem doesn't occur, so it's not the hardware.


I saw some references on the wiki that people have patched a .plist file in IONetworkingFamily but I could not find the relevant thread here in the forum.


Any help appreaciated.



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