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Anyone Tried installing on Gateway 8510GZ Notebook?


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I am very very new at this, and have been loooking around the forums for a couple of weeks now, but only find myself very confused and not knowing what to do.


I have downloaded the iATKOS_v1.0i but now im not sure what to do with it.


Im not sure if it will work on my notebook, because im using the notebook as a experimental tool to help me learn so i can do this for my pc. My pc however has a big problem with the motherboard, the P/S2 slot on the mobo is broken and it wont work, USB keyboards dont work when i try to enter my Bios so i cant get into my bios at all. When i reformatted, i had to take out my hd and connect it to my dad's comp, then reformatted it, then i had to connect it to my pc, and then the usb drivers werent working so i could do anything, took me a good 18 hours to finally reformat it. I assume i only need a new Motherboard but i dont know which one i should get considering i only have about $150 to buy one, and will probably look to upgrade my processor with it too.


I will apreciate any help, like i said im a noob and i dont know what to do.


Thank You

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