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JaS 10.4.6 display issues


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I installed JaS 10.4.6 iso I got off torrent. Booted up second time after I found out I had to have a monitor plugged in. Monitor isn't even powered, just turned on.


Anyway... in the System Profiler it says Quartz is supported out of the box (which I've read shouldn't happen). Says nothing about GL however, should it and how can I enable it.


Also... what's the deal w/ the monitor. I've read about this, but my laptop display is currently set as the Main Display. Making the dongle wouldn't be an issue, but I'm still a bit confused why this has to happen if my laptop display is currently the main display considering the issues I've heard about is the monitor acts as the main display, not the laptop screen.


Thanks for the help guys.

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Well, I went ahead and made a VGA dongle. I grounded out Pin 1 ® and connected Pin 2 (G) to Pin 12 (VSync). No other hardware mods and no other software mods and I've booted up about 3 times with it plugged in, everytime working.


Just incase anyone is looking at this, I've got the following:


Dell Inspiron 2200

Dual boot XP Pro SP2 and MacOS X 10.4.6 (installed with JaS OSx86 dvd)

1.4GHz Celeron (reported 1.8GHz by System Profiler)

512mb DDR

Intel 915 chipset

GMA900 graphics chipset, running GMA900 drivers from JaS dvd, Quartz supported, System Profiler reads 256mb VRAM, my dongle (which I pulled the idea from http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry42460) works w/o any current software mods or tricks listed on the forums or wiki)

PCI wifi works on and off (not sure why... might be something with the driver OR my wireless card)

Sound works perfect


I'm treating it as a glorified web broswer and music box, but I played the binary Q3A release in 640x480 windowed mode at average 45fps. This thing runs very well considering my system specs. Overall, I'm pleased with the results.

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