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Problems with install KALYWAY dvd


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I've just gotten the kalyway dvd burned and when I boot off of it, it loads a bunch of kernel extensions and then does this:


MAC Framework successfully initialized

using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers

IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 0:23

ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S6] (S3)

Extension "com.apple.driver.ApplePCIConfigurator" has immediate dependencies on both com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi components; use only one style.


If I don't use the -v option, it just stays and the apple loading screen with the spinner. I've had a similar thing happen with other versions of leopard.


Intel Desktop Board DG965WH

SATA hard drive


Intel Celeron 440 Conroe-L 2.0GHz LGA 775 35W Single-Core Processor


Any help on how to fix this would be great!

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i had the same problem as well, when u install leopard choose options...you either have a problem with the video card driver (in which case you either choose the right driver or dont choose anything at all....not choosing any at all is the best) or the vanilla kernal is not working for you in which case you shouldnt choose to install that....hope this helps

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